Attention Small Business Owners

Looking for a new fun way to market your company while supporting a good cause?

Let our furry friends be your walking billboard.

For a small fee you can sponsor a local pet.

50% of your sponsorship will go to a local animal shelter of your choice.

Insert an ad, promotion or cool deal to a pet's profile.

Pet profiles are traded and collected between other PeepMyPawscommunity members.

Members can screenshot your deal and start savings!

Join the movement!

Avoid large coupon sites that keep half of your hard earned money!

Help support local businesses

View a demo profile here.

PeepmypawsAnimal Adoption Partners

Are you a local shelter or adoption clinic that would like to partner with us?

We want to do our part to help our furry friends so we are donating 50% of the proceeds of our business sponsored pets to local shelters. If you would like to be on our selection list, send us an email below!

Disclaimer: We understand that some of our really cool Peepmypaws pets may have a profile with some really cool deals from really cool local businesses however, Please don’t ever scan a pet unless you are trying to locate its owner and using extreme caution.

Alway hold your phone as far away from the animals tag and move closer till it identifies the code . Animal squirmish? Snap a photo and have someone scan your picture on your phone.

Looking for awesome deals? Exchange profiles with other Peepmypaws pet owners.

Don’t be a cheater! We ask you only share your profile with those who can share one with you as well.

QR code error? Give us a call!