What is PeepMyPaws.com?

Microchips can provide your dog or cat with his or her best opportunity for a happy return home.. OR NOT!

Peep my paws is a more than just a pet tag. It's a pet tag with a purpose. Have you ever seen a pet owner on the news telling their story about their missing pet? That's because compassion goes a long way. Not everyone is lucky enough to get their story on the news.

Give your pet tag more than just "contact info" that someone may or MAY NOT call. A pets story deserves to be known, it deserves a place to let others take a PEEP into their life so it is more likely to have a safe return home. PeepMyPaws is a pet tag that is linked up to your pets very own online profile dedicated to your pets life with the family it loves.

Unlike a chip, updates can easily be made. In the case of a missing pet, A message can be relayed via your pets profile site to the person in the presence of your animal.

Upon registration, you will receive an email questionnaire so we can learn all about your pet. A Peepmypaws creator will then get to working on your pets very own online profile and link it to your pets tag.

Pet not missing? Even better! We hope all all furry friends are home safe.

Share your pet profile with friends using our cool merch or identify yourself by wearing your owner lanyard badge while walking your pet and exchange pet profiles with other members of the PeepMyPaws Community.

You just may reveal a deal from your favorite local business!

FACT: Outdated phone numbers and street addresses are useless to an animal shelter. It is also estimated that nearly two million pets are stolen each year. Pet theft is more widespread than people think and it is not just confined to “bad” neighborhoods or bad people. Some are just lonely people looking for a best friend too. Most taking an "out of site, out of mind" approach when it comes to keeping your cute and cuddly fur baby.

The Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association showed a return-to-owner rate of only 52% for microchipped lost dogs.

Almost half left unaccounted for... Till now.

Welcome to Peep My paws.

Because your pet deserves more than just a regular pet tag. It deserves it's story to be seen.

Disclaimer: We understand that some of our really cool Peepmypaws pets may have a profile with some really cool deals from really cool local businesses however, Please don’t ever scan a pet unless you are trying to locate its owner and using extreme caution.

Alway hold your phone as far away from the animals tag and move closer till it identifies the code . Animal squirmish? Snap a photo and have someone scan your picture on your phone.

Looking for awesome deals? Exchange profiles with other peepmypaws pet owners.

Don’t be a cheater! We ask you only share your profile with those who can share one with you as well. Encourage your friends to join the Peepmypaws community!

QR code error? Give us a call!